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Being able to recognize when intent is present is one of the key components of your personal safety.yet, this isn't always easy as you might think.With this system, intent is not what is going on inside of the person's head.It's the visible and discernable physiological manifestations that, a person ready to commit violence, will display. This is his body displaying these signs, no matter how hard he tries to hide it.While we strongly advocate awareness and avoidance as a primary means for personal safety sometimes that isn't enough.The Five Stages of Violent Crime has been tested in court as an easily explainable standard by which individuals determined if they were legally justified to use self defense tactics.

Attack The attack is the when the criminal/violent person commits himself to using force -- or the threat of force -- to get what he wants.

The Five Stages of Violent Crime: Crime and violence are processes that take time to develop.

The attack is not the first step, the preliminary triangle must be built.

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Self defense is predicated on the fact that you are in a very bad place to begin with. As such, self defenses is making sure the situation doesn't get any worse -- it is damage control, pure and simple.

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The criminal has often learned how to mask it behind words and feigned innocence.

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